Comprehensive Eye Exams

Commitment to Excellence

 A comprehensive eye exam is an important part of your health regiment.  An annual eye exam can help detect many eye problems such as: glaucoma, cataracts, strabismus, etc. An eye exam can also help in evaluating health issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes (or diabetic retinopathy) and high cholesterol. 

Throughout the exam, the Independent Doctor of Optometry may inquire about your family medical history, vision concerns, and lifestyle choices that may impact your sight.

Please feel free to ask any questions and share any concern you may have about your vision. 

In addition to a comprehensive eye exam you may opt for a contact lens exam to be fitted with the correct contact lenses for your needs; whether you want to use multifocal lenses or would just like to use color contact lenses. In a contact lens exam the Independent Doctor of Optometry will run additional tests and ask you questions about your lifestyle to see if contact lenses would be right for you. If it turns out that contact lenses are an option, the eye doctor will fit your eyes for contacts and provide trial lenses before finalizing your prescription.

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